Why you should invest in art: the world’s most valuable assets

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The world’s largest art market is in a global financial crisis, and its worth more than ever before.

The market is worth more now than at any time in the last 20 years.

The value of all of the world s art has increased by a staggering $8.8 trillion.

And it is still growing.

In fact, the value of the entire art market has increased more than five times over the last decade.

The new art value The art market, which includes all art works made in the United States, Europe and Asia, is valued at $2.4 trillion, a jump of more than $1 trillion.

But there is no single market for all of art.

Art has been an integral part of society for centuries, and many cultures use it as a way of expressing their identity, their sense of pride, their faith, their power and their humanity.

But the art market was created to cater to the needs of a particular set of people and their needs for art.

For centuries, the art industry was built on a foundation of commercial interests and a reliance on debt.

Today, that business model is broken.

In the 1980s, many people believed that a major new economic opportunity was emerging, and the market had to be protected.

This idea was based on a false belief that the arts were a safe haven for the poor, and that they were a refuge for people who had suffered hardship or who were suffering from mental illness.

A number of powerful institutions and institutions were formed to protect the market, including the American gallery, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation and the United Nations.

In this way, the world was left to rely on art and art markets as a safety net.

There were some people who believed that they could use art to help the people, especially the working class, and they were supported by the art world.

It was not a very lucrative market, and by the 1990s, the global art market had already lost its way.

I think we all realize that art has a long way to go before it reaches the level of a market that it used to be.

The art world has failed to take this crisis seriously.

It has not invested in the future of art, and it is not investing in the people who are going to make the art, or the art that is going to create the art.

The current art market in the world is just not sustainable.

Art is not the only thing that is on the decline, but it is the one that is growing.

If we don’t invest in our art, it is just going to be lost, and we are going out of business.

Art is going from a global asset to an asset of national importance, and a global market that is now valued at more than all of humanity.

The new art market The new market is one that can create a wealth that is only created through investment, says Andrew Leggett, an expert on the art sector at the University of Waterloo.

“The current art world, when you look at it, is not doing it right,” he says.

“There is no way that they can survive for another 20 years without a major investment.

And they need to start investing now, and invest now.”

In a recent interview with The Globe and Mail, Leggitt explained that the art value is based on the number of people who can afford to buy an artwork and that a market is created when there are a finite number of buyers.

“You can’t build a market by having all of these different buyers, because the market is built by having people willing to spend money on a piece of art,” he said.

But Leggott said that the new art markets are not a panacea for the art crisis.

He said that there are already many people who have found a way to be a part of the art scene, and he said that he was confident that there will be more new markets in the years to come.

He also said that artists need to think about their art, which is being used for a lot of things, including advertising.

“Art needs to be accessible to people who don’t normally spend money.

That means the market needs to reflect the needs and aspirations of a very broad spectrum of people,” he explains.

When people see a painting and they think, ‘Wow, I don’t usually go to galleries, but I am in this particular room and I am paying a couple of dollars,’ they can then use it in the marketplace to sell art, he said, and this will create a global marketplace for art and create wealth for art lovers around the world.

And the new markets are creating a wealth for artists and art lovers alike, he says, because it is creating a global economic boom.

At the same time, the current art markets, which have grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, are losing money

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